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Kate Kerry

Areas(s) of Expertise:

  • Physiotherapy

Kate Kerry


Chaseview Veterinary Clinic

01989 562251/ 01989 564191

Kate qualified from Bristol University Veterinary School last century, in 1999 to be precise but is not quite as ancient as Nigel. She started at Chaseview as her first job and because she did not want to leave such as good practice she joined the partnership in 2003.

Kate has an interest in all aspects of mixed practice but especially surgery. She likes to take on difficult surgical challenges and is able to offer orthopaedic surgery, cruciate repair surgery including TTAs, laryngeal tie backs and even PDA heart surgery,.

Alpacas are becoming a more common sight in the area and so she has taken an interest in these animals. They are fun animals to work with except when they spit.

In her spare time you can find Kate doing the craziest of pass times. You will never find Kate relaxing on a beach reading a book and you will definitely never see her baking. Look on the river and she will be in a kayak, look in the sky and she will be in a glider or a parachute, look in the forest and she will be on a bike, look on a mountain and she will be skiing down it, look under the sea and she will be there with a scuba tank on trying to get close to a whale shark, look on the sea and she will be sailing a hobbie cat or on water skis, look on a rock face and she will be climbing up it or abseiling down it, look at a quiet day and you will see her with 3 terriers exploring the countryside (Eric, Ernie and Mabel).




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