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Stanhope Veterinary Centre joins our Network

Posted on 06/10/2016

A huge congratulations to Stanhope Veterinary Centre who have achieved Vetsure-accreditation status!

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Have you heard the news? Churchfield Vets joins Vetsure

Posted on 02/09/2016

We are delighted to announce we have a new vet group join our trusted network!

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Shearbridge and Mayne join the Vetsure Network!

Posted on 16/06/2016

We are proud to announce the Vetsure Network is continuing to flourish with the addition of two new vet groups!

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New Vetsure-accredited practices!

Posted on 09/06/2016

We are pleased to announce that we have two new practices who have obtained Vetsure-accreditation status!

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Lifetime Pet Insurance – Cover for long-term Care

Posted on 24/05/2016

ALL Vetsure policies are ‘lifelong’, which means our policies provide cover for long-term and recurring conditions.

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Pet owners warned about tick disease

Posted on 17/03/2016

Following the recent news that four separate suspected cases of dogs infected with the tick-borne disease Babesiosis have been identified in Essex, experts are warning of the increased risk from foreign ticks being brought over to the UK.

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Vetsure scores a hat-trick!

Posted on 10/03/2016

We have triple good news! Two new vet practices have achieved Vetsure-accreditation status and are now part of our trusted network and our very good friends at Debenham Veterinary Practice have increased their partnership with us.

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Welcome to the Club!

Posted on 23/02/2016

We like to think of Vetsure as a very special and exclusive club. Vetsure-accredited practices have been accepted on the basis that they offer the best possible veterinary care coupled with great value for money.

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The new dog microchipping laws: What you need to know

Posted on 22/02/2016

Microchipping Law

Dogs aren’t just pets; they’re family members. Losing a dog can be akin to losing a relative or loved one, so it is becoming increasingly common that owners are looking to take additional steps to prevent such losses.

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How Much Does Cat Insurance Cost?

Posted on 15/02/2016

little kitten

There are many variables that will influence how much your cat insurance will cost. Some of the factors that will affect the cost of your cat insurance include…

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