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Vetsure very reliable

Posted on 21/07/2017

“Easily & quickly sorted out the claim I sent in, no problems at all.” – Dexter’s Mum

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Knee operation on my chocolate Labrador

Posted on 19/07/2017

“Best vet insurance I have ever had very easy to make a claim and very helpful would highly recommend to all my friends and family.” – Buddy’s Mum

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Peace of mind for Wednesday

Posted on 18/07/2017

“Even though I have not made a claim yet (this is a good thing), knowing that they will liaise with the vet in case something goes wrong, it already gives me peace of mind. In those times of distress, not to be Burdened with the stress of finding the money and and then fight with the insurer for a partial reimbursement, will be a great advantage.

Sure, I found their premium a bit high with the level covered, compare to other insurers, but my peace of mind is definitely worth the extra pounds, and our time is going to be well spent in case the worst happens, by being there for our pet and not chasing insurers.

Everyone I spoke to were polite and extremely patients in answering all question, and helped me find the right cover for us.” – Wednesday’s Mum

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Just joined for my cocker spaniel excellent customer…

Posted on 18/07/2017

“Really satisfied with the customer service and the insurance I chose was explained to me really clearly. My cocker spaniel is now covered which gives us peace of mind.” – Jax’s Mum

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Easy to sign up and an excellent service

Posted on 18/07/2017

“Vetsure was simple to sign up for and was explained to me thoroughly making sure I am getting the best deal for my pet. Brilliant service. Would definitely recommend to family and friends with pets.” – Snoop’s Owner

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Thank you for everything

Posted on 17/07/2017

“I have to say that I didn’t even know Vetsure existed until I googled pet insurance and they popped up.

Taking a policy out with them was the best decision I have ever made!

Within the last year my German Sheppard has been diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy (she had to go to England for a MRI, fluid drawn from her spine along with other numerous tests) and my Japanese Akita cross has snapped his cruciate ligament and torn the cartilage in his hind leg (which led to numerous x-rays, tests and surgery which resulted with him having a metal plate in his leg).

Needless to say it has been a very stressful upsetting year.

That said Vetsure have been amazing, their customer service team is second to non and I would never go with anyone else. I would (and have) recommend them to any one.

Skie’s seizures have subsided with her new medication (which Vetsure are paying for and will pay for her, for the rest of her life as all policies are lifelong) and Storm is set to make a full recovery!

Thank you for everything Vetsure.” – Storm and Skie’s Owner

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Worth every penny

Posted on 17/07/2017

“We have 2 large dogs one with epilepsy and the other accident prone. Our vets bills are large, but we have never had an issue with any claim and would highly recommend anyone to take their insurance out with VETSURE.

They a friendly and fast, I have had many chats on the phone with the team and they are always helpful and kind. They give a personal feel to every claim, and the follow up emails are also a friendly touch.

Thank you” – Storm and Skie’s Owner

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First claim – no problems, great service

Posted on 17/07/2017

“Made a claim for our 10 month old cocker puppy for an upset stomach/virus and high temperature. Was very happy with the service over the phone and email and speed of settlement. They settled directly with the vets and I just paid the excess, the vets also filled in the majority of the claim paperwork so it worked well for everyone. This is our first pet and it’s provided peace of mind if we ever have to claim again.

Compared to other quotes Vetsure was also competitively priced, until you claim you’ve no idea how good the insurer are so I would recommend Vetsure based on this claim.. An email to wish him a speedy recovery was also a nice touch!” – Jeffy’s Mum

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Fast and efficient

Posted on 17/07/2017

“My claim was dealt with within a matter of days between Vetsure and my veterinary practice. I was kept up to date with the process of the claim through email and text from Vetsure too. Very happy with the service.” – Gwen and Nell’s Owner

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Broken toe!

Posted on 17/07/2017

“Taking a 30kg dog to the vet with a broken toe is stressful enough – thank you to Vetsure for making the the process easy. 3 claim forms, 1 for each appointment, the total cost was reimbursed to the vet and I just paid the excess. And regular email communication so I knew the progress of the claim was brilliant. Thank you!! ” – Henry’s Mum

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