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  • Pet Companionship – Survey Results!

    Our Story

Pet Match-Up and Maintenance Research

Following our article in January (Positive Connections and the Miracle of Pet Companionship) which highlighted the work of Jenny Stephany (Positive Connections), we have been working with our network of dedicated Vets, Nurses and Receptionists to gain feedback on the current facilities available to help people who need help looking after their pets or are perhaps looking for a new pet following a recent bereavement.

An overwhelming 81% of respondents agreed that there are clients in their practice who need support to care for their pets’ day to day needs showing that, whilst there may be initiatives out there to help, more needs to be done to bring these services and the people they intend to support together.

graph 1.2


The survey went on to ask what specific tasks people need support with. The most common areas were transport to the Vets and help with administering medication – just the sort of tasks Jenny Stephany’s ‘Maintenance’ initiative aims to assist with.

graph 2.2


We also examined the value of services aimed at ‘matching’ pets with people who would benefit from the companionship offered by pets – including people who are suffering from a recent pet bereavement. The response to whether such initiatives would be welcome in the community was also very positive, with no respondents considering it something that clients would not be interested in.

graph 3.2


With 57% of our respondents believing there are more opportunities to improve the successor companion animal initiatives available, and some wonderful ideas being put forward, we are considering a way to bring various interested parties together to help drive these ideas forward and make sustained improvements to the lives of people and pets.



Watch this space for further updates!



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