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Introductory Pet Insurance Discounts for Dogs & Cats

Most pet insurance providers offer some form of introductory discounts. These can take the form of: online discounts, first year discounts and free cover periods to name but a few.

In some cases, the discounts can seem incredibly generous! Of course, these discounts are aimed at attracting new customers who may feel that by shopping around on the basis of price they are getting a good deal. The mistake, however, is that pet owners often feel that they can switch providers easily at the time of renewal when their discount is likely to have been appreciated and will be removed. Switching between providers has become the norm in other sectors of insurance like home and motor. However, pet insurance is a little different. Whilst, it is always possible to switch pet insurance providers, any pre-existing conditions or claims that your pet may have or had in the past may be excluded from cover on any new policy you take out. So, the likelihood is that further claims for the same conditions will not be covered under your new policy.

So, when you take out your pet insurance policy try to do so with the entire lifespan of the pet in mind – whilst you should never feel tied in to a particular provider, you should bear in mind that you may not want to switch from a provider that you are happy with on the basis of price at the time of renewal. Try to imagine whether you would be willing to continue to pay the premiums after year one in the absence of the discount. Then make your purchase on this basis.


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