Percentage of pet owners buying presents on a monthly basis for their pet and partner.

Cat yes
Man No

Importance of our pets in the family vs other family members.

Frame family"Pet less important"
Cat Frame yes"Pet equally or more important"

Where do our pets sleep?

Cat in sink

"Anywhere they like."

In bed with owners

"In bed with us."

Between owners

"They even impact
our sex lives!"

How much are we spending on our pets each month?

Cat bathing in Money

Shouldn't our partners be doing that??!!!

My pet is a good listener

"My pet is a good listener"

My pet offers me comfort

"My pet offers me comfort on a day-to-day basis"

How we describe our pets.

Holding hands

"My pet is my best friend."

Best mates

"My pet is my companion."

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Woman with Dogs