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Pet Information – Norwegian Forest Cat

Known as Skogkatter, or Norsk Skogkatt, in their native country, the Norwegian Forest cat is taller and heavier built than normal domestic breeds, with an appetite to match, meaning female cats weigh in at up to 12 pounds and male cats can often weigh anywhere between 16 and 19 pounds!
Norwegian Forest Cats, have a fluffy double coat that is ideally suited to the harsh conditions of their native land.  The waterproof top layer keeps out the rain and snow, with the woolly under layer providing warmth in the winter. Easy to maintain, brushing once a week should be all that is needed, except when the majority of the woolly layer is shed in Spring. Their coats come in all colours, with the exception of chocolate, lilac, fawn and cinnamon.
Norwegian Forest Cats are the ideal family pet, being good with children and other pets, as well as being friendly and sociable. They are very energetic and enjoy climbing using their snow shoe shaped paws. This energy often lasts into their ‘teenage’ years and they use this to exercise by playing with their owners and suitable toys.

Life expectancy: 14-16 years
Originating country: Norway
Temperament: Intelligent, affectionate
Interesting fact: Norwegian Forest Cats were used on Viking Longships as early as 1000AD as Mousers, keeping the ships clear of rats and mice.

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