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Pet Information – Siamese Cat

Siamese are a beautiful and elegant breed. They are a medium sized and boast a lengthy body and tail. The head is a long triangle and the tall ears are set on the head to be a continuation of this triangle. The nose is long and straight and their eyes are almond shape and bright blue. Siamese Cats coat is smooth, short and glossy, they tend not to shed which can make them excellent house cats.  They come in many colours including red, lilac and cream. Siamese are great jumpers and love heights, they are very active so this needs to be considered if you are thinking about purchasing one.
Here at Vetsure we provide cover for 49 Siamese cats.

Life expectancy: 8-12 years
Originating country: Thailand
Temperament: Intelligent, active, affectionate
Interesting fact: The beautiful Siamese is the legendary temple cat of the King of Siam. The cats were not only valued by the king for their exquisite beauty, but also they were used as guard cats. Siamese would be perched on tall columns around the throne of the king. If anyone threatened the king, the cats would jump down from the pillars onto the individual.

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