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Brushing your cat – All you need to know

There is still a large percentage of cat parents who do not know about the need to brush their cat. In fact, over 55% of pet owners have “never tried to brush them.”

With a worrying amount of cat owners not aware of why and how they should brush their beloved kitty, Vetsure have provided you a list on all you need to know when it comes to brushing your furry feline.

They love it! Many cats really enjoy being brushed. They find it relaxing and they tend to really enjoy the attention it gives them. You should be brushing from the head right down to their tail. If they allow you, you can also brush their tummy. Some cats are extra protective of this area as it makes them feel vulnerable, so start slow.

2. Brushing makes them smooth and shiny. Brushing your cat helps to improve their circulation and it helps to distribute their natural oils over their coat. Spreading their natural oils leaves their coat feeling soft, smooth and shiny and helps to keep their skin healthy.

3. Removes and prevents matting and tangles. As you may already know, cats are big groomers. They lick and groom themselves throughout the day, every day. Brushing them regularly helps to remove any dust, dirt and fluff that gets caught up in their coat so that they do not ingest all the dirt, leaving messy hairballs. Also, as brushing gets rid of dead fur this can relieve your vacuum of excess fluff!

4. Could detect and remove fleas. By brushing your fluffy feline regularly, it makes you more aware of what you’re brushing out. You may even come across some fleas or flea eggs. If you do happen to find any fleas, contact your local vet immediately.

5. Allows bonding. Brushing your cat frequently encourages the physical connection between you and your cat. It is a great way to bond with them. Older cats or cats with mobility issues may not be able to groom themselves properly, so brushing them is even more important. Long haired cats need brushing at least every few days.

So, try experimenting with brushing your cat today. If you have never brushed your cat before, start slowly and just for a few minutes at a time. They will let you know if they like it and will be happier and more content with you if they do enjoy it. Ensure you choose a quiet and relaxing moment so as to not stress them out and listen to them when they try to let you know they have had enough.




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