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Cat and dog obesity – a problem of epidemic proportions….

Obesity is one of the most serious problems faced by the pet population today. Almost half of all cats and dogs are now clinically defined as being obese (over 120% of ideal body weight) and this figure is still growing. Most cases of obesity are as a result of overfeeding, poor diet and lack of exercise. Many so-called ‘premium diets’ available in supermarkets, and widely advertised on the television, are high in salt and fat to help make your pet love the taste. Unfortunately, when coupled with a lack of exercise, the result of feeding such diets can be excessive weight gain.Think of what happens when we eat too much fast-food – the effect is the same!

Obesity is a medical problem that can cause blood pressure, reduced immune function, and diabetes, heart and respiratory disease, high liver disorders. Pets who are overweight are inclined to sleep more, play less, and interaction with owners is reduced. A weight control programme devised by your veterinary surgeon will include a reduced calorie diet and suggestions to increase activity levels. In combination with regular weight checks you can expect gradual results over a two to three month period. If your pet is overweight, please come and see us to help solve this ever-growing problem!

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