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World Spay Day!

Recent studies show that a whopping 70% of female cats in the UK have unplanned pregnancies. There are many health reasons why you should get your beloved kitten spayed and we want to make these reasons well known in order to protect these kittens from becoming homeless. 

World Spay day takes place each year on the fourth Thursday in February. If you’re looking to get a kitten this year, make sure you know the facts to avoid and help tackle the growing concern of future fluffy friends being abandoned or dumped. 

What does it mean to spay a cat?

Spaying or neutering is the prevention of your cat reproducing, whether they are male or female. Cats can still get pregnant as kittens, so it is recommended to neuter them at 4 months old after they have completed all their vaccinations. If your cat is in their adult years, it is still safe to neuter them.

Why should I get my cat neutered?

Will my cat be different after their surgery?

The surgery itself will be relatively short. For female cats the operation will last around 30 minutes and for a male cat, the operation will only take around 10 minutes. She will recover in about 10 days whereas he will be back to normal in 2-3 days. Your cat is unlikely to change personality after their surgery. They may improve on certain behaviours though, such as not spraying urine, less fighting or running away. You may find that your cat will need less food too. Try not to over feed them as it can lead to them becoming overweight.

For further information regarding World Spay day, you can visit The Blue Cross, Cats Protection, RSPCA or PDSA, to name a few. Alternatively for information about our Pet Health Plans or insurance policies and what they cover, you can visit our website or call us directly on 0800 050 2022. 

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