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Worms: A simple guide to protecting your pet & family

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Worms can seriously harm pets
Worms are parasites that live inside your pet, often without you knowing.  Different worms pose different risks, but, if left untreated, some can seriously endanger or even result in the death of your pet.

How your pet may become exposed to worms
Your pet can pick up worms that may exist in your own garden or local park.  Ultimately it depends on the lifestyle your pet leads.

It’s hard to spot if your pet has worms
Cats and dogs can look healthy on the outside, even when they have worms inside.  You may not associate the symptoms with a worm infection until the infection is severe.

Worms can affect people
Some worms can pass from pets to people through grooming, stroking and the environment.  Children, the elderly and those with reduced immune systems are most at risk.  And whilst most human infections cause only minor symptoms, rare cases can lead to serious conditions  such as blindness and epilepsy.

Why worm at least 4 times a year?
With so many worm risks, it’s best to stay 1 step ahead and maintain a regular worming routine.  Experts recommend that you worm your pet at least 4 times a year*

Regular worming is best
It’s virtually impossible to stop your pet from coming into contact with worms during its life.  So the only practical way to look after the health of your pet and family is through regular ongoing worming.

Steps to effective worming
– Ask your Vetsure vet to recommend a regular worming regime that covers all the major worms your pet could pick up
– Visit and sign up for free text or email alerts when each worming is due.

Talk to your Vetsure vet today
Make an appointment to discuss your pet’s lifestyle and your vet will recommend a simple, regular worming regime that gives your cat or dog the wide-ranging and ongoing treatment it needs.

This useful guide was brought to you by Novartis

* References:  1. BSAVA Worming Guidelines, BSAVA 2006.  2. Worm control in dogs and cats, Guidelines 1, European Scientific Counsel for Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP), 2006.

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