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Pet Information – German Shepherd

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are large sized dogs, with strong jaws and a scissor like bite. They have medium-sized eyes, mainly brown giving them a lively, intelligent and self-assured look. They have large ears, a long neck and a bushy tail which reaches to the hock. There are a number of other names in the UK that a German Shepard can be referred to such as Alsatian and Alsatian Wolf Dog. They are mainly known as working dogs originally developed for herding but now are better known for more specific work including search-and-rescue, police and military roles; because of their strength, intelligence and obedience traits. They have a double coat an outer layer and dense thick undercoat which comes in a variety of colours, the most common being Tan/black and red/black and it sheds all year round. They do not tend to be friendly immediately with people but over time they can become loyal and over protective of family and their territory.



Life expectancy: 9 – 13 years
Originating country: Germany
Temperament: Intelligent, curious and over-protective
Interesting fact: The German Shepherd is the fourth-most popular breed of dog in the United Kingdom and second-most popular in the United States.

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