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Pet Information – Boxer

The Boxer has a powerful and muscular body. Originating from Germany this breed was raised to be a guard dog and to participate in dog fighting. Boxers are known for the way they use their front legs to bat at their opponent, appearing to be boxing, most likely giving the dog its name. They require minimal grooming and are known for their gentleness with children making this breed an all-round excellent family dog. The two popular coats are fawn and brindle, in addition they often have white markings on their legs.
Boxers aren’t the breed for everyone, but if you like a big dog who likes to cuddle, don’t mind a little drool between friends, want a dog that will delight you with his clownish antics and yet be gentle with your children, and most of all, if you are prepared to keep your Boxer physically and mentally stimulated, the Boxer just might be the right dog for you!

Life expectancy: 9-10 years
Originating country: Germany
Temperament: Playful, Friendly, Brave
Interesting fact: Boxers have one of the longest puppyhoods as they are considered fully matured at 3 years.

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