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3 Easter Safety Tips for your Dog


Here are 3 tips that may help you, your family and your dog all have a happy and safe celebration this Easter.

1) Easter Eggsplination 

Chocolate is toxic to dogs and the increase in chocolate available at this time of year means even more care should be taken to prevent your dog consuming it! It is important to educate your children not to feed your dog chocolate. In addition, curious canines will sniff out the remnants of chocolate in foil wrapping due to their fantastic sense of smell. Explaining this to your children will help keep chocolate and empty packets out of reach!

TIP: If you are hosting an Easter Egg hunt this year – make sure the dog doesn’t join in! Ensure you know where each egg is hidden and make sure they are all recovered… by your children, not the dog! If your dog wants to play too, why not get the kids to set up a dog treat hunt?

Symptoms of chocolate poisoning in dogs include:

If your dog is displaying any of these symptoms then take them to your local vet immediately. Find your nearest Vetsure Vet.

2) Hot cross blunder

Many people aren’t aware that vine fruits such as raisins and sultanas are even more toxic to dogs than chocolate! If your dog eats even a small quantity of these dried fruits (and grapes), they can suffer severe kidney failure which may be fatal. You shouldn’t share any of your scraps with your pet but take particular care to keep Hot Cross Buns out of sight and keep them clear from curious sniffing noses.

TIP: If you can’t resist giving your pet a little Easter treat, give them something safe and pet friendly – a new toy or a long walk is a great alternative way to treat your dog.

Dog friendly fruit and vegetables:

Introducing new foods into your pet’s diet may cause stomach upsets, so be cautious and only introduce small pieces, one new fruit or vegetable at a time.

3) Spring bulbs

Weather permitting, you may be spending the long weekend out in the garden. After all, Spring has sprung and it is the perfect time to clear up your garden in preparation for Summer! Be aware that some bulbs can be poisonous if your dog eats them. Be especially cautious if they like to dig! Daffodils and tulip bulbs can be poisonous so make sure they are kept out of harm’s way and ensure they are buried deeply enough your dog won’t find them.

For any keen gardeners out there is it also worth noting that fertilizers can also be harmful to your dog. Avoid the following fertilizers -

TIP: don’t leave your dog unattended in your garden. If your dog has access to your back garden – make sure you’re enjoying the garden too.

Just be wary of the above hazards and as a final tip; keep your vets number to hand, so should your dog display signs of illness this Easter you’ll know who to call!

Dogs aren’t always cheap to look after, especially if something goes wrong, which is why insurance has now become a necessity for most owners. You can find out more about the benefits of our Dog Insurance policies or get a quote online alternatively please feel free to give us a call on 0800 050 2022 – we’d be happy to help wherever possible.


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