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A whole new year ahead…but what could it bring?

Keep calm

So, it’s 2012!  I don’t know about you, but I am still puzzling over where on earth 2011 went to?!  I’m sure we’ve all made plenty of resolutions for the new year – some of which we might even keep!  But what about all the things that we can’t control that creep up out of the blue and metaphorically bite us on our new ‘post new year diet smaller and firmer’ behinds?  Sometimes there is little we can do in advance to protect ourselves from such unforeseen events and elect to just “go with the flow” which can often work out just fine.  But in a tough economical climate – with even the big supermarkets reporting a downturn in fortunes post-Christmas – most of us are still keeping a watchful eye on those purse strings.

This is where insurance can give you peace of mind that you won’t be called upon to suddenly find what could be a large sum of money if that ‘bite’ arrives in the form of an illness or injury sustained by your pet.  For example, a road-traffic accident resulting in a complex fracture of a limb could cost in excess of £2,000 to fully repair.  Treatment of an ongoing chronic illness such as diabetes or arthritis can occur significant monthly costs to cover the necessary medication and ongoing tests and veterinary support.

Did you know that roughly 1 in 3 pets will require non-routine veterinary treatment for a illness or injury?  When you compare this to home insurance it’s typically closer to 1 in 16 policy holders needing to make a claim – and yet most of us wouldn’t think twice about having home insurance even though we are statistically much less likely to need to make a claim on it!!

So whether you have recently acquired a new puppy or kitten, or already have a pet which is uninsured, maybe it is worth reconsidering the benefits of pet insurance.  Vetsure offer a range of policies from our Accident Only policy right up to our Cover & Care policy – which not only includes our most comprehensive insurance cover, but also a range of generous discounts towards preventative health care such  as flea and worm treatment and vaccination – allowing you to budget for both.  Please click here for more information and full T&C’s.

After all, when the unexpected happens we all want to be able to keep calm and carry on….

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