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Pet Information – Australian Mist

Australian Mists were crossbred from various breeds beginning in 1976, with each breed giving them a distinct trait. The Burmese gives them their colours and laid back nature, the Moggie gives them vigour and mothering qualities and the Abyssinian, a lively intelligence nature and their beautiful coat patterns.

The Mist’s coat is very short and lacks an undercoat, meaning they lose very little hair and do not require much grooming. However, due to their friendly nature and tendency to curl up on any available lap, the Mist enjoys the attention associated with grooming.

The Mist thrives on human contact but is as happy to remain indoors as it is to roam outside. They make perfect pets for families and children as they are tolerant of handling and are not inclined to scratch. They are lively kittens, which tend to sober as they mature. This, and their laid back nature means neutered Mists get on well with other pets.

The Australian Mist is one of the most recent breeds to be recognised in the UK and has been specifically bred to embody some of the most desirable qualities a cat can have, leading to their near-instant popularity among cat-lovers the world over.

Thirty cats were chosen to make up the Australian Mist’s gene pool, and these were selected for their robust health, including strong teeth and kidneys, in an attempt to counter some of the more common physical problems experienced by some breeds of pedigree cats.

Breeding with temperament in mind has resulted in a laid-back cat which will happily fit into its owner’s routines and household arrangements. Originally bred specifically to be indoor cats, Australian Mists are ideal pets for people who live on their own, owners with disabilities and the elderly.

Owners should be wary of the Australian Mist’s tendency towards over-eating, not least because their above-average intelligence means that they are incredibly good at finding their way into food cupboards and even fridges. Some owners have reported having to install child locks in order to keep their cats away from the treats, but this is really the only area in which this breed’s ingenuity is a drawback.

An ideal breed for a first-time cat owner, the Australian Mist has plenty to recommend it to anyone who wants a pet which will enjoy interacting with all members of the household.

Life expectancy: 14 to 19 years
Originating country: Australia
Temperament: mellow, intelligent, loving
Interesting fact: Australian Mists can be trained to go for a walk on a lead, just like a dog.

If you’re currently looking for cat insurance for your Australian Mist then please get in touch today.

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