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Pet Information – Balinese

Balinese are a cousin of the Siamese cat and are considered one of the most intelligent of the long haired breeds. In temperament, the Balinese are known for being affectionate and thriving on the company of people and other pets.
Balinese have a soft and silky coat without the fluffy undercoat usually found in long haired breeds. Their coats need regular, but light, grooming and it is best introduced when kittens.
They are born cream or white and develop their colours on colder points on their bodies by the time they are around four weeks old. Temperature has an effect on their points, with Balinese who live in warmer climates tending to have lighter colouring. Colours include classic seal, blue, chocolate and lilac.
Balinese can live indoors as happily as they can outdoors. They are agile climbers and leapers and often enjoy hitching a ride on people’s shoulders!

Life expectancy: 18-22 years
Originating country: America
Temperament: Sociable, playful, vocal and inquisitive
Interesting fact: The name Balinese was chosen as the breeders considered them to be as graceful as the dancers often found in temples in Bali

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