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Pet Information – The Bloodhound

Picture of sleepy looking Bloodhound

Bloodhounds are gentle affectionate and mild mannered dogs known for their fantastic sense of smell. Their long ears are thought to prevent gusts of wind from scattering skin cells and weakening the strength of the scent they are following, and the wrinkles around their face are believed to act as a scent trap for stray scent particles in the air.

Bloodhounds are famed for their tenacious tracking instinct and are used by police forces across the world to track fugitives and also to find missing children. They have been known to track human odours that are several days old and even follow scents across water.

As they are part of the hound family they can be easily distracted by interesting smells whilst out walking which can make training a challenge. Bloodhounds have short thin coats that shed seasonally. Their facial wrinkles must be cleaned daily and after eating, and their ears must be cleaned weekly to prevent infection, a task that can put potential owners off the breed.

Life expectancy: 7-10 years
Originating country: France, Scotland, Belgium and England
Temperament: Loving, Energetic, Can be stubborn
Interesting fact: Can detect scents from as few as one or two cells

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