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Pet Information – Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk terrier is almost identical to its cousin, the Norwich terrier, apart from the ear positioning – Norfolk’s have drop ears. As with all terriers, the Norfolk has a double coat, with a soft, warm under and a distinctive wiry top in colours of red, wheaten, black and white, tan and grizzle.
Norfolk’s were bred as farm dogs to rid barns of vermin. They are lively and hard working, with the boundless energy found in working dog breeds. Due to this, they like to be active and even enjoy brief jogs during their daily walks. If they are not exercised regularly, Norfolk’s can exhibit boredom by regular barking and digging.
They get on well with other dogs, however care needs to be taken around small animals and Norfolk’s should be kept on a leash in public areas as their hunting instinct may override any training given.
As they are also naturally independent, Norfolk’s can be stubborn and difficult to housetrain. They are intelligent and enjoy learning, so positive training methods are the key to success.


Life expectancy: 8-14 years
Originating country: England
Temperament: Affectionate, balanced, rarely nervous, fearless and incredibly courageous
Interesting fact: They were originally called Cantab terriers as it became fashionable for Cambridge students to keep them in their rooms to keep down the University’s vermin problem

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