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Cats Protection campaign to have animal welfare added to National Curriculum

cat protection

Cats Protection have launched a campaign to try and ensure that school children learn about what pets needs to be happy and healthy.  The Government is currently reviewing the National Curriculum with the objective of ensuring children get the essential knowledge they require in core subjects.

A very sad statistic is that for every one cat re-homed through Cats Protection ten more are given way, or worse, abandoned.  Cats Protection say ‘Teaching children to care for and respect animals from an early age is essential – it can bring about positive change for animals and society as a whole. Problems of neglect, cruelty and abandonment are often due to a lack of understanding about what an animal needs, how to care for it and how much that costs’.

Cats Protection is a member of the Animal Welfare Education Alliance: AWEA (an alliance of over 20 animal welfare charities including RSPCA, Dogs trust, Blue Cross and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home). The Draft Curriculum for primary schools is currently out for consultation.  AWEA thinks the Government has missed the opportunity to include reference to all five basic needs of animals– as set out in the Animal Welfare Act (2006).  That’s why they are asking supporters to email their MP before 16 April 2013 when the curriculum consultation closes.

You can add your own words about why you feel passionately that children need to learn about animal welfare at school.  The email will go automatically by postcode to your MP.  Just click on the link below to get your voice heard:

Click here to show your support.  Thank you.

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