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Dangerous Dogs Act 1991: Government to include attacks on private property

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Every year in England and Wales an estimated 210,000 people a year are attacked by dogs.  Hospital statistics show that there had been 6,450 admissions from dog bites last year, an increase from the previous year.  The revision to the Act comes after the public outcry over the death of Jade Anderson who was mauled by four dogs in a friend’s house.  The police were not able to prosecute the home owner even though here dogs were deemed “dangerous” and “out of control”.

Under new government schemes, dog owners will no longer be protected from prosecution if their dog attacks a person in their home.  If an owner is prosecuted they could receive an unlimited fine and/or up to two years jail time. Under the new rule, guide dogs are also protected for the first time as the result of an attack can have a terrible effect on the owner. In the past when assistance dogs have been harmed by other dogs it leaves the owner without their independence and can affect their way of life.

Such companies which will be very happy about the new change are the Royal Mail and courier services, as everyday there are around 12 postal workers who are attacked by dangerous dogs, with 70% of the attacks happening on private property.
The revised Dangerous Dogs Act aims to decrease the number of horror attacks involving these animals and innocent people.  With the new act in place it will hopefully reduce the number of attacks that take place and allow people to feel like there is more protection available to them.

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