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Feline early neutering message not being understood

New born kittem

A Cats Protection survey has revealed that, when it comes to neutering, owners are perhaps not fully understanding the need to undertake this early in their cat’s life.

Only four per cent of owners neutered their cat at or before the charity’s recommended four-month target. Cat charities have once again been inundated with thousands of unwanted kittens that are the result of unplanned breeding.

“Getting the neutering message across is proving to be a very tough hurdle for cat welfare because our research shows the vast majority of people are still not neutering their cats early enough to avoid unwanted litters of kittens,” explained Jane Clements, Cats Protection’s neutering manager.

Without neutering, the UK’s cat population quickly gets out of control and each summer we are overwhelmed with kittens in need of homes so it is vital people ensure their cats are neutered at the correct age to prevent unwanted litters.

Veterinary practices are urged to back the campaign to educate owners about early neutering by signing up to a national register of practices that carry out neutering at four months of age or earlier.

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