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Festive frugality or false economy?

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Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas?!  Only seems like yesterday I was preparing a blog item warning of the dangers posed to our pets by Chrimbo tinsel and turkey bones and yet here we are again!  We hope that you and your pets have had a terrific 2012 so far and are looking forward to the festive period which will soon be upon us.

We all know how expensive Christmas can be – especially if you have children who like to take a copy of the Argos catalogue and a red pen to create the ultimate ‘wish list’ of must-have gifts (that may just have been me…and this tactic was generally unfruitful in my case!).  The natural temptation is to look to cut costs elsewhere and non-compulsory insurance products are often the first to go.  In fact, in the past year a tenth of people have cancelled all types of insurance policies in order to save money (Lightspeed Research on Post Online) and this is particularly evident to us in the run up to and during the festive period.  However, many financial forums would urge you to consider whether short term gain may result in long term pain – in this case, for your pet.  We could be creating a ‘false economy’ by cancelling our pet insurance cover and opening ourselves up to larger costs later down the line.  Plus, the festive period, in my past experience as a Veterinary Nurse, can be one of the busiest for acute illnesses and accidents (I always seemed to get Christmas Day night duty and always, almost without fail, a midnight visit from a dog suffering a gastric torsion – a very serious condition needing immediate and often costly treatment).

Pet insurance is particularly tricky as, like human life insurance, pre-existing conditions are typically excluded.  So, it could be that many are tempted to cancel their policy for a period and reinstate it at a later date.  The consideration here is that the pet may develop an illness during this period that may require long term care or has a high risk of re-occurrence.  Such a condition would not be covered by a new policy.  Neither would  conditions the pet had suffered from previously.

So, before you cancel any insurance policy consider the potential for costs later down the line carefully.  We would obviously love for you to stay Vetsure, but more importantly, we want you to be able budget for the unforeseen and unfortunate  in order to keep your pets happy and healthy.

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