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Festive hazards – take care!

Festive hazards – take care!

With Christmas just around the corner, its time for us to relax after a busy year, spend time with the family and see friends. You can’t beat that ‘full’ feeling you get after a roast dinner and about 50 mince pies. However it is good to also know some facts to ensure that Christmas for your pet is stress free and fun as well.

During the Festive period chocolate is often around the house, whether it is for family members or a nice treat for yourself. But chocolate is poisonous for pets and is one of the commonest poisonings that vets see. Chocolate contains a powerful stimulant called theobromine that animals cannot cope with. Vets often see pets with tremors, diarrhoea and fitting as a result of digesting even a small amount of chocolate given as a treat.
There is nothing that makes us feel more Christmassy that when the tree goes up, complete with decorations, lights and too much tinsel. Your cat would probably agree with you as they can become fascinated with your tree.

Sometimes cats have become poorly as they venture inside the tree and eat the decorations or even become entangled in the lights. A good way to distract your pets is getting them a new toy to play with to keep their attention away from the tree.
Christmas dinner is one of the best things about Christmas but this does not mean that your pet can indulge in the tradition. Sometimes, as a result of eating Stuffing or Christmas pudding your pet can get an upset stomach – a trip to the vets on Boxing Day is the last thing that anybody wants!

We would like to wish you and your pet a Happy and Healthy Christmas and hope that you have a relaxing break.

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