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Fireworks – Keeping your Dog Calm

dog fireworks

We want to help you support your dog through the Firework season. Here are some of our top tips to keep your dog calm:

Build a den
Before the 5th November build your friend a den. The longer the den is being used beforehand the safer your dog will feel. This can be an area they already use e.g. behind the sofa. It should be dark and quiet with something they can hide under or inside. How to build a den

Install an Adaptil diffuser
This is the only behaviour product proven to reduce the intensity of fear felt during firework exposure. Find out more here: Adaptil products or learn How to use the Adaptil diffuser.

Lock down
Keep your furry friend inside, dogs can bolt when they are frightened so make sure they cannot escape. Making sure your windows and doors are closed can help to muffle the noise of the fireworks. In addition you could draw your curtains and play music or have the TV on. If possible try not to leave your dog alone.

Take your dog for a walk early in the evening before fireworks start. Be sure to check their microchip is up to date just in case they take flight!

Microchip update
You should always keep your dog’s microchip details up to date. If you have moved recently be sure to update their microchip details, so, heaven forbid, should your dog go missing they are more likely to be returned safely to you. Find out more about microchipping.

Try to distract them with a new toy or treat.

Stay calm
You must remain relaxed yourself and act as you usually would.

DO NOT push your dog to confront its fear or punish them whilst they are in a frightened state.

Read more about managing stress in dogs here.

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