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How to choose a name for your pet

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Naming your pet is an important (and often a difficult) decision. We have come up with some ideas to get you thinking…

Star quality

Do you have a favourite actor, singer, author, book character or song? Here at Vetsure we have had an increasing number of pet names from popular books and TV series such as ‘Sansa’ from Game of Thrones, proving popular for female cats. Try searching your shelves for inspiration!

Rain drops on roses, and whiskers on kittens

Take a leaf out of Julie Andrews’ book and think of a few of your favourite things! This could be absolutely anything; a sport, food, drink, perfume, flowers or brand – the possibilities are endless.

Human vs unusual names

If you want a human name for your pet, have you had a flick through a baby names book? After all they are your baby too!

Alternatively if you are looking for something more unusual why not try ‘Google Translate’ – for example if you have a German Shepard set the language to German and experiment by translating a few of your favourite things!

Get geographic

Where did you purchase your pet? The City, Street or County might lead you to the perfect name. This is also a nice way to commemorate where your pet came from.

Phone a friend

Ask your friends and family for their ideas, they may come up with something you would never have thought of. How about posting a picture of your pet on social media and asking for suggestions?

Personality test

Think about your pet’s personality for inspiration. Do they like running, jumping, playing or barking? This might seem a bit silly  at first but try to think outside of the box, do their personality traits resemble anyone or anything?

Top of the pups

There are many different websites which will give you ‘Top 10 names’ – well, here is our contribution:

Vetsure Top 10 Male/Female Puppy Names

1 Alfie / Poppy
2 Charlie / Bella
3 Max / Molly
4 Buddy / Daisy
5 Oscar / Millie
6 Monty / Rosie
7 Teddy / Lola 
8 Dexter / Ruby
9 Toby / Tilly 
10 Bertie / Luna

Vetsure Top 10 Male/Female Kitten Names 

1 Milo / Bella
2 Oscar / Poppy
3 Max / Tilly
4 Charlie / Millie
5 Alfie / Coco
6 George / Rosie
7 Monty / Daisy
8 Jasper / Molly
9 Simba / Cleo
10 Toby / Lola

We hope this has given you some inspiration for naming your pet. 

Once you have thought of a few names, don’t forget to try it out – keep in mind you may have to shout this name across a busy park!

Good luck!

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