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It’s Puppy Awareness Week! 12th – 18th Sept 2011

puppy awareness weel

This week is the Kennel Club’s inaugural ‘Puppy Awareness Week’. It aims to celebrate the joys owning a dog can bring whilst promoting responsible dog ownership to ensure that a long term fulfilling relationship can be enjoyed between you, your family and your pet.

It aims to help prospective owners understand the differences between the many different breeds and provide guidance on what factors to take into consideration when making their selection – whether this ends up being a pedigree dog or a crossbreed.

The Kennel Club would also like to raise awareness of ‘puppy farms’ and how to avoid puchasing your pup from such establisments where cruelty and ill-health are common place. A government e-petition has been established to ban puppy farming.

Training is another important area that ‘Puppy Awareness Week’ aims to highlight. Training is very important for your pup so he he or she can get the best possible start in life and go on to become a well behaved member of society.

The week will culminate in Pup Aid – a music festival, fun dog shows with celebrity judges and lots of fun for all the family at Stanmer House in Brighton on 18th September 2011.

For further information, please select from the links below:
Find out more about the Pup Aid event 
Sign the e-petition against puppy farming

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