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National Kitten Day

Yes, you guessed it, July 10th is National Kitten Day!

With their tiny little heads and their big, curious eyes and cute, little furry feet it’s hard to not find kittens adorable. And this National Kitten Day we’re celebrating all things kitten by coming up with some fun kitten activities and a few reasons why we love the furry felines so much.

Activities to do this National Kitten Day

1.Adopt – With so many kittens and cats homeless, why don’t you help a kitten out by adopting your next furry feline friend. 

2.Volunteer – Spend your spare time helping lots of other animals. You can find your local volunteering opportunity here.

3.Play with your kitty – Games like feathers and strings, toys stuffed with catnip or even simple things like paper bags and cardboard boxes give your kitten lots of excitement. Hide and Seek is great too for unleashing the predatory nature in kittens and cats.

Why we love Kittens

1.Kittens are good for our mental and physical health. Research shows that those who intermittently take breaks to look at kittens are more productive. Also, having a cat reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, blood pressure, stress and improves overall mood just to name a few.

2.Comforting cat cuddles. They are like a personal heater in winter! Many cats enjoy sitting on their owners laps as they find it comforting especially in the colder seasons.

3.They are like a best friend. Cats are mostly known to come and go as they please, however cats can be very loyal animals. They curl up with you when you are sad and keep you company in the evenings. They mew cutely at you when they want to talk and they love playtime and attention. Brush your kitten and play with them frequently to build up their trust and bonding. 

Amongst all the excitement of getting a new kitten and the busy play times it’s easy to forget a few important bits. Remember to neuter them at 4 months old and ask your local vet about worming treatments. Getting your kitten neutered will prevent further kittens becoming homeless. It is also really important to microchip your furry friend should the unexpected happen and they go missing. This way they can easily be returned to you if they were to disappear.

To read up more on the benefits of having or adopting kittens click here.


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