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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

All pets deserve to be loved and as Christmas approaches many kittens and puppies are whisked off to loving homes ready in time for the festivities. Sadly though, many senior pets never find their loving, forever home. Shelters and rescue centres can be a lonely place for an animal as each year ticks by, and these shelters are really hoping that those looking to adopt a new furry friend will consider an older one.

So, this November, help spread the word about senior pets and let’s find them their forever home together.

Why should I adopt a senior pet?

Often, puppies and kittens require a lot of patience, energy and regular training to help them grow into a family home. With a senior pet, the hard work may already be done for you! Chances are they had a home previously where their old owner taught them the basic commands. Senior pets tend to be less energetic than when they’re young so they’re less likely to jump up your curtains or attack your Christmas tree!

Senior pets also are usually house trained, saving you many hours, weeks or months of frustration trying to get them adjusted to house life and litter trained. 

You won’t regret it.

It has been recognised, that once someone adopts an older animal, they will most likely never go back to adopting a young pup or kitten-  the amount of satisfaction they get from adopting a senior pet is huge! You are most probably saving a life that many others may turn their back on. It is unfathomable just how many people who are searching for pets, just casually walk past a senior pet without batting an eyelid. Older pets still have so much love and compassion to give and you may be surprised but many even have years of life still left in them!

Did you know that senior pets are more grateful to you too?

They are often so thankful of the extra chance you have given them and appreciate you even more for “rescuing” them out of the adoption centre!

But, be prepared!

Don’t let a senior pet fool you though. They often don’t come cheap and are likely to require regular health checks to ensure they’re still in healthy condition. This shouldn’t put you off from adopting an older pet though as there are still plenty of insurance companies that will insure them – you may just need to do your research first.

Start your search for a senior pet!

For information on insuring your senior pet click here. We offer lifetime cover for your pet as long as you take out the cover before their 10th birthday. 


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