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Pet Theft Awareness week

Pet Theft Awareness Week

I am a Facebook user and recently I have noticed a large increase in the number of warnings circulating relating to dog theft.  Particularly disturbing were reports of homes being ‘tagged’ to identify dogs to be stolen and used for bait in organised criminal dog fights.  All very worrying and I think it is important that we all take steps to protect our canine companions from the risk of theft.

The first ever ‘Pet Theft Awareness week’ is to take place between 14th – 20th March.  This was organised by Dog Union and VioVet and aims to help people take preventative measures to minimise the risk of their pet going missing, as well as encouraging microchipping.  The campaign will use internet, social media and distribution of various posters to help raise awareness.

A dedicated website has also been set up, containing a whole host of useful information about animal theft and preventative measures.  Supermarkets are also being encouraged to display the posters.

Richard Jordan, of VioVet, said: “A number of our customers have had their pets stolen or go missing and we are noticing this more and more.  It is heartbreaking when a much-loved pet goes missing for any reason, and we are pleased to support this initiative.

Pet Theft Awareness week is non-profit, running in conjunction with a number of contributing organisations and businesses, such as the Kennel Club.

Owners of all pets should be vigilant when out and about and we would always suggest making sure that a pet is microchipped,” commented Kennel Club Secretary, Caroline Kisko.

Click here to visit the Pet Theft Awareness week website.

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