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Support your Local Shelters

Nowadays there is a National Day or week for pretty much anything. Porridge, books and poetry, architecture and even smiling! Very rarely though, is there a time where you can focus on supporting your local vet shelters.  

This week is the start of National Craft for Your Local Shelters. Of course you can support your local shelter any time of the year, but having a day just for it is a fun, personal way to support them.

Shelters often need supplies such as toys and blankets. These can easily be created using bits we already have lying around the house.

Here are just a few ways you can help your local shelter today:


For the crafty



Animal shelters can be a lonely and cold place for animals to wait for their loving, forever home.  Like babies and young children, it is known that blankets can be a source of comfort for cats and dogs in these shelters and these blankets will likely travel with them when they do go off to their new home. Blankets are so affordable to make too! You can use old t-shirts, bedding and old blankets to sew together a new comfy blanket for pets in need.


Beds are a lovely thing to make and really simple, even if you are not the best at sewing. All you need to have to make a comfy snug bed for an animal in need is fleece fabric or old clothes, stuffing (such as poly-fil) and fabric scissors. Lay the two sides of fabric down, cut into the fabric some fringe strips, fill with the stuffing and then knot together each of the fringe strips. The animals in the shelter will really love it!  

Rope toys

Dogs love a good ol’ tug of war game but may not get to play it that often if they’re in a shelter. When they are alone, to have something that is just theirs can bring lots of comfort. All you need is a piece of rope or some dish cloths or towels, cut them into chunky strips and then braid them together. You can even braid a tennis ball into the fabric to make it a little bit more personal. Then, once they do find their forever home they can take it along to play tug of war with their new owners!

Cat scratcher

Cats and kittens need to scratch their claws regularly in order to clean and sharpen their claws, but it may be difficult for them to be able to do this frequently whilst in a cat shelter. Providing them with a scratcher will also encourage them to recognise this as a means of scratching rather than your sofa if you were to adopt one at a later date! To make a simple scratcher all you need is a sturdy tube or piece of wood, a base, some extra sturdy double sided table and some rope.  Tape the tube to the base and ensure it is secure. Then wrap the rope tightly around the tube and knot at the top. If you want to make it a bit fancier you could always tie a catnip ball onto a piece of string and fix to the top of the scratching post.

For the not-so crafty!


If you don’t have the time (or the DIY skills!) to get crafty, you can still help out by donating your old, once loved, towels, blankets, pet toys, food and water bowls or even your companion’s old bed providing it’s still in a good condition to pass on.  

Tag us in your crafty creations! We would love to see them on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Share photos on social media/ Raise awareness

If social media is more your thing than getting crafty, then you can really help out local shelters by raising more awareness. Share the profiles of adoptable animals to your Facebook feed and Instagram and tag the shelter in them. Sharing takes barely any time at all but can really make all the difference with helping find that pet their forever home. 

Host a fundraiser

What better way to celebrate than with a party! If it’s your furry friend’s birthday this month, you could invite friends round and ask them to bring a handmade toy or blanket that you could offer up to your local shelter.  If it’s your birthday, why not set up an online crowdfunding campaign and instead of gifts this year, ask for donations.

Anyone can find a fun way to help and give something back to animals and pets in need. All those sad puppy eyes and innocent kittens are just waiting for you to pop in with their new hand-made bed or fun toy. So, be a pet hero this week and lend a helping paw to all those pets that need it most.

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