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This Year’s Calendar Competition: The Winners!

We would like to thank all the entrants into this year’s competition – The entire Vetsure team have been wowed by your gorgeous cats, dogs, kittens and puppies.

As you may be aware we’ve had to do things a little differently this year regarding choosing the winners for the Vetsure calendar competition due to some unfair play!

We conducted our random draw this morning and we’re very pleased to announce the following beautiful pets as the winners and faces of the Vetsure calendar for 2019.



Overall Winner and face of January: Ollie (and Kyra)

Face of February: Missy (and Vicky)

Face of March: Denton (and Heather)

Face of April: Sheldon (and Catherine)

Face of May: Vladimir (and Paula)

Face of June: Eddie (and Hannah)

Face of July: Gizmo (and Sarah)

Face of August: Lily (and Rachel)

Face of September: Sookie (and Sarah)

Face of October: Pam (and Kerry)

Face of November: Tabitha (and Tiffany)

Face of December: Olly (and Sam)



Overall Winner and face of January: Finn (and Gayle)

Face of February: Yogi (and Rich)

Face of March: Ava (and Clare)

Face of April: Honey (and Emma)

Face of May: Sid (and Emma)

Face of June: Otis (and Shelbie)

Face of July: Marshall (and Sarah)

Face of August: Libby (and Joanne)

Face of September: Baxter (and Lauren)

Face of October: Danko (and Carlos)

Face of November: Lily (and Tatiana)

Face of December: Emilia (and Melanie)



Overall Winner and face of January: Eric (and Anna)

Face of February: Dusty (and Max)

Face of March: Poppy (and Deanna)

Face of April: Molly (and Jason)

Face of May: Binxy (and Sophie)

Face of June: Pablo (and Mica)

Face of July: Dolly (and Victoria)

Face of August: Percy (and Adam & Shannon)

Face of September: Luna (and Genna)

Face of October: Peanut (and Josh)

Face of November: Joycie (and Hannah)

Face of December: Monty (and Amy)



Overall Winner and face of January: Luna (and Rachel)

Face of February: Tinkabell (and Sue)

Face of March: Rolo (and Katrina)

Face of April: Apple (and Alexander)

Face of May: Bella (and Shannon)

Face of June: Poppy (and Kim)

Face of July: Dennis (and Isabel)

Face of August: Kiya (and Elizabeth)

Face of September: Dobby (and Sheila)

Face of October: Disney (and Lauren)

Face of November: Stanley (and Michelle)

Face of December: Yuki (and Katy & Nick)


A huge congratulations to all the winners! Check your inboxes for an email requesting your address.

The overall winners will be getting a Vetsure hamper filled with goodies! All other winners will receive a copy of the Vetsure 2019 calendar. If you would like to download your own calendar, please keep checking back! Links will be available shortly!

Merry Christmas from the entire Vetsure team!

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