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‘Vetsure Partnered Consultants’ offer a high quality alternative to Specialist Referral centres

There is growing concern about the increasing cost of Specialist Veterinary Referral services in the UK.  Whilst there is no doubt about the amazing level of expertise and facilities on offer and the huge medical strides being made, the cost of these services is making quality pet insurance unaffordable for some pet owners. At the same time, many of the vets in Vetsure-affiliated practices have considerable expertise in specialist fields that can be shared with Vetsure policyholders.

With this in mind, Vetsure have launched a scheme whereby vets can apply to be considered for qualification as a ‘Partnered Consultant’. The scheme is by no means a replacement for referral to a Specialist Referral Centre which is necessary under many circumstances. “Many general practitioners in Vetsure practices do not have the expertise or facilities to undertake investigations and treatments which may be fairly routine to another Vetsure vet with a specific field of expertise” explains Vetsure Managing Director, Dr Ashley Gray MRCVS. “Use of local Vetsure ‘Partnered Consultants’ can sometimes be easier for policy holders and leave them with more funds in their annual claims limit to pay for ongoing treatments.

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