At the Metrovet practice in the heart of Wood Green, the team aims to offer a full and highly professional service whilst keeping costs affordable and ensuring value for every penny you spend with them.

They want to be part of your local community and make sure that all pets can have the veterinary care and treatment they need.

Their fantastic staff are friendly and approachable and are always available as a source of knowledge and information – and their duty of care means your pet comes first no matter what.

Unfortunately our pets can’t just tell us when something’s not right. That’s where Metrovet come in. Whether you have an immediate health concern for your pet or just want a check-up, they are there to help.

They highly recommend regular check-ups to help keep an eye on your pets, health, aging and hopefully catch any signs of illness in the early stages.

These are the top things they’ll be taking into consideration when they meet with you and your pet:

– Your pet’s dental health
– Protecting against fleas
– Effective worm control
– Is a vaccination due?
– Is your pet insured?
– Micro chipping (compulsory for dogs)
– Diet & feeding
– Is your pet the right weight?
– Pet behaviour
– Repeat prescriptions

This practice is Vetsure Accredited. Click here to find out more about The Vetsure Network.