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PJE Home Vet

PJE Veterinary Consultancy Ltd is a privately owned veterinary company which trades as PJE Home Vet. PJE Home Vet is a veterinary practice which brings the consulting room into your own home.

They are a mobile veterinary practice that visits you and your pet in your own home. Your pets are part of their family and they want to give them the best care possible; But not all pets respond well to being taken out of the comfort of their own home and not all owners are able to easily take their pets to a veterinary surgery, several miles away from where they live. Some of us have multi pet households which means taking several stressed animals out together to a place they do not want to go to or making several trips. Some of us work from home which means time can be a premium and not all of us are able to comfortably get our cat into her travelling basket if she has other ideas!!

This is where they can help. They can bring our mobile unit to your house and park outside. This means that your pet can be examined and treated in the environment they know best i.e. their own home. Should your pet require further treatment they can do this in our mobile unit. This is a well equipped veterinary surgery where it is possible to operate and perform minor procedures including neutering and dentals. It is heated and air-conditioned for your pet’s comfort. After the necessary treatment your pet will be returned to your home and they will leave you when they are sure you are comfortable with their condition. So if you think they can help you please read through their web site and give them a call.

This practice is Vetsure Accredited. Find out more about The Vetsure Network.