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  • Vetsure-accreditation

To qualify for Vetsure-accreditation, vet practices must demonstrate they behave in a responsible, ethical and caring way to both their clients (and their pets)! By using a vet practice in the Vetsure network you can be sure of the highest standards of veterinary care.

Levels of Accreditation 

Vetsure Core Accredited

Vets that are part of our network at a ‘Core’ level are happy for us to settle the bill directly with them when policyholders make a claim on their Vetsure policy*. After treatment, you simply pay the vet the policy excess and leave the rest to us.

Many pet insurers state that they will ‘pay claims directly to vets’ in the same way as Vetsure do. However, it is not really up to the insurer to determine this, but at the discretion of your vet. If your vet is not confident of being paid in a timely manner by the insurer in question, they may be reluctant to agree. For this reason some vets, as a general rule, will not undertake any direct claims on behalf of clients regardless of insurer. If this is the case, it means that you will have to pay for the treatment up front and claim from the insurer later.

As part of the accreditation process, Vetsure practices have committed to undertake direct claims for Vetsure policyholders as the norm – due to our prompt claim payment record, our partnered practices are more than happy to agree to this.

If your pet receives treatment at a non-Vetsure-accredited clinic, we will happily agree to undertake a direct claim in the same way but we cannot guarantee that your vet will agree to this.  Practices may have their accreditation status changed from time-to-time so you should check our up-to-date network list when making a claim if in any doubt.

Vetsure Advanced Accreditation

In addition to meeting the ‘Core’ accreditation requirements, Vets that are part of our network at an ‘Advanced’ level are an Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) for Vetsure Pet Insurance.  This means the practice must abide by the principles of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and treat all customers fairly.

Practices that are ‘Advanced’ are in a better position to offer superior consumer value for money, this is because the practice will have undertaken a pricing analysis to enable us to price premiums more accurately (with the intent of offering pricing sustainability throughout your pets lifetime). In other words, we work in such close collaboration with our ‘Advanced’ accredited vets – we actually align our pricing with theirs!


In addition to the services specified in the ‘Core’ and ‘Advanced’ accreditation levels. Vets that are part of network at an ‘Elite’ level will be fully integrated to our additional vet services,  such as our Buying Group services and Graduate Friendly Scheme. This means ‘Elite’ practices will have the best communication channels with the Vetsure Team, but also, be operating more efficiently as a business, therefore, offer the most superior service within our network. 

It will also be compulsory for Elite practices to be an AR of Vetsure, this means, staff will have completed product training on our insurance policies and therefore, be able to guide you on the basic features of our policy range. On top of this, they will exclusively be able to offer special offers such as: a no obligation, 5 Weeks’ Free trial of Vetsure Pet Insurance.


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