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5 Ways to Treat the Pet Mum in Your Life

The pet mums of the world go above and beyond to make sure our fluffy friends are always looked after and pampered 24/7. This Mother’s Day, it’s their turn to be pampered and looked after.

On Mother’s Day, make sure you are treating your pet mum with all the love and cuddles she deserves, maybe even with a little gift if your pet’s pawcket money stretches that far…

Here are 5 ways you can treat the pet mum in your life this Mother’s Day:

  1. Why not take your pet mum for a nice long spring walk, this could be local to where you live, or you could go on an adventure further afield and explore somewhere new! A relaxing stroll in the fresh air is not only great exercise for you both but also great for mental health too.


  1. Mums love cards! If your pet mum is a sentimental type then why not make them a specialised card with your pet’s paw print on the front or a paw print ornament? Simply mix together flour, salt and water and knead them to a dough that is smooth and not sticky. You can then roll this out and use it to imprint your pet’s paw and cut the dough into the size you would like. Once dried, this is a lovely keepsake that your pet mum can cherish forever.


  1. Give her a lie in! If she is always the first one up to feed and look after your pet, give her the morning off, let her have a lie in and relax and maybe take her breakfast in bed? After all, those early mornings have meant that everyone else in the house hasn’t had to worry about it.


  1. Maybe go further than a lie in and give her the whole day off! Let her have that nice long bath, go and see her friends, or just sit and read her book. Whatever she wants to do, let he do it without having to be there to look after the pet in your life. Give her a day that’s totally free of pet-related chores!!


  1. If your pawcket money can accommodate a little gift then there are lots of options out there that the pet mum in your life would love! Whether it’s a personalised pillow with a picture of your pet front and centre, a keyring with a picture or a lovely smelling candle! A personal favourite of ours is the Anti-Wet Dog Candle from PupSuds. The Anti-Wet Dog Candle is perfect as it helps relieves mum’s nose of stinky dog after those wet walks.


Whatever you decide to do this Mother’s Day we hope you and your pet mum have the best day and it is filled with the love and care deserved.

To all the pet mums out there, thank you for doing the best you can for your fluffy companion. Everyone at Vetsure appreciates all you have done and will do for your furry child.