Older Dog Insurance

Finding insurance cover for older pets can be challenging. Many insurers will not allow you to take out cover for dogs after they turn 8 years of age, for example. With Vetsure, you can take out any of our policies for the first time for any dog up to their 10th birthday. If you’re looking for cover for a dog over the age of 10, we still offer an Accident Only policy regardless of age.

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Why do you need insurance for your older dog?

Your pet is more than just a pet. They are a best friend, a companion and a family member. They are always there for you and constantly offer you unconditional love and friendship. You are their whole life, and no one knows them like you do. Sadly, as they get older, they may start to need more veterinary care. It’s at this point, that many owners wish they had taken out insurance earlier. However, most insurers will not offer insurance for accident and illness cover for pets over eight years of age – although will typically continue to offer cover if the policy was first taken out before the eighth birthday.

The good news with Vetsure is that accident and illness cover is offered for any pets up to 10 years of age and, provided premiums are kept up to date, cover will continue to be provided for the remaining life of the pet. Although, up until recently the options for uninsured pets after 10 years of age are fairly limited.

It can be a very distressing time for owners to see their once vibrant and energetic pet become slower and less enthusiastic as they enter old age. It can also be heart breaking to see them in pain and require veterinary care, but what if you don’t already have insurance in place for your senior pet?

Quality Accident Only insurance for pets over 10 years

Many insurers stop offering new policies for pets once they are classed as being ‘Senior’.  This is often when they turn 8 years of age, but can be earlier for certain breeds of dog. If the relevant insurance policy is not purchased prior to this cut-off point, it can be a very stressful time trying to find the appropriate cover for your pet.

Whatever your circumstance, at Vetsure, we want to always to be able to help care for your pet regardless of their age. That is why, we now offer our ‘Accident Only’ insurance for all pets regardless of their age. This means that even if you didn’t have any insurance in place before your beloved companion turned 10, you can still ensure they have some cover to protect them in the case of an accident.

Remember, you can still insure your pet for Accident AND Illness cover (under our Premier and Premier Plus policies) policies up to their 10th birthday.

What does our Accident Only policy include?

Vetsure’s Accident Only policy provides your senior pet with cover for accidental injury only. For example, this would cover treatment following a road traffic accident, foreign body ingestion, bone fractures, lacerations, burns and such like.

This policy would not cover illnesses or conditions that have an underlying medical cause such as cruciate ligament rupture and patella luxation.

Unfortunately, our Accident Only cover cannot be purchased online if your pet is aged over 10. Please call us on 0800 050 2022 to get your Accident Only quote today!

Please call us on 0800 050 2022 to get your Accident Only quote for your older dog.

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