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Puppy wins award for bravery after lifechanging treatment

Pet Insurance is one of the most important things a pet owner can provide for their pet. It is designed to be there for you and your new companion should you ever require it. A lot certainly can happen in a pet’s lifetime, which is why it is essential that pet owners do the research […]

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How to manage age-related changes in my senior pet

It can be quite disheartening when a beloved furry family member starts showing their age. Your pet may be slowing down, becoming weaker, and start to showing vulnerability to things like infections and anxiety. Their temperament can also change which means that you may need to adapt their lifestyle to help them settle any potential […]

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What to do about worms this summer – why should I prevent them?

You may wonder if flea and worming prevention is required. Is it a necessary procedure? Will they go away on their own? You may even think your pet is unlikely to catch anything especially if they don’t go out too much. However, the importance of flea and worming prevention is something that shouldn’t be a […]

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Tips on how you can keep children and dogs safe.

At Vetsure we know how important our pets are to us, big or small they really complete our family circle, and provide an unconditional friendship that is second to none. Sometimes, a family group will include children as well as our canine counterparts. We all want a happy home, and the best way to keep […]

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Vetsure wins at the UK Customer Service Excellence Awards 2022!

Wednesday 23rd March 2022 marked the return of the UK Customer Service Excellence Awards and at Vetsure, we were thrilled to be up for not one, but three categories! We were nominated for ‘Best Customer Retention and Loyalty’, ‘Best Customer Centric Culture’, and ‘Above and Beyond.’ The Best Customer Retention and Loyalty Award was assessed […]

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