Not sure how much pet insurance cover you need?

We understand that pet insurance can be confusing, and most pet owners struggle to know how much cover they need for illnesses. With Vetsure you can claim against an unlimited number of conditions – you just choose how much vet fee cover you need per condition. But what if you don’t know?

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We can help! Here’s what our claims experience shows

The table below shows how likely it is that you’ll reach different limits within a policy year if your pet becomes poorly and requires treatment. It also shows the illness policy that’s required to cover the full cost of these treatments. Note that any amounts required for treatments above the level of pet insurance cover provided by the policy will need to be covered by you.

    • £0 – £1000
    • 74.7%
    • Premier
    • £1000 – £2000
    • 16.75%
    • Premier
    • £2000 – £3000
    • 4.78%
    • Premier + £1K Top up
    • £3000 – £4000
    • 1.97%
    • Premier + £2K Top up
    • £4000 – £5000
    • 0.97%
    • Premier Plus
    • £5000 – £6000
    • 0.47%
    • Premier Plus + £1K Top up
    • £6000+
    • 0.33%
    • Premier Plus + £2K Top up
DATA CORRECT AS AT 15.01.2024.

Note that the claim amounts here relate to either; a single claim OR multiple claims for the same condition within the same policy year. This data applies to Vetsure Pet Insurance only!
  • It’s not unusual for policyholders to make claims for multiple unrelated conditions which can make the total claim amount for vet fees per year much higher – not a problem with Vetsure illness cover – as you can claim for an unlimited number of conditions.
  • It’s also not unusual for policyholders to make claims for ongoing illnesses over many years – not a problem with Vetsure illness cover as Veterinary Fee benefit limits are fully reinstated each time you renew your policy.
  • There are many variables which will influence the cost of your insurance. Read our guide “How much does dog insurance cost” for more information.

Here are some real examples…

A dog is unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with three unrelated conditions within the same policy year; Diabetes, Cruciate Disease and Skin Disease.

It’s your choice

You can also change your level of cover at any time. You can increase your Premier or Premier Plus cover to as much as £7,000 per condition whenever you like. Call us to discuss this with you.

Choosing one of our policies couldn’t be easier. If you just want to make a quick choice, you can select one of our three core policies. If you have specific requirements, you can tailor your policy to meet your exact needs.

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We have collated this information for any of our customers who are uncertain of the cover level they might need. Here at Vetsure, we believe our customers should be able to access information that will help make the right decision for them and their pets. However, it’s important to highlight that we can’t give advice or make recommendations regarding your choice of policy and it’s ultimately the responsibility of all customers to ensure their policy meets their requirements.