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The Vetsure approach is already helping thousands of pets receive exceptional levels of veterinary care – and that’s something that makes us very proud. We are delighted to be able to share some of our customer’s stories with you.

“We did our homework before we brought our dog in to our lives and the advice we were given was to opt for a lifetime policy. Within six months our fur boy had gone on to develop a sub-luxating hip and has since developed hypothyroidism requiring frequent blood tests and a daily intake of tablets all covered by his insurers. I take my claim form with me when I visit the vets and I’m always kept informed as to the progress of the claim.” – Flynn’s Dad

Taken from Pet Insurance Review

“When we first got Bertie we were encouraged to insure him, which we did, thank God we did….it was so so simple, it took all the strain out of it.”



“What we also liked about Vetsure was the fact that you only have to pay the excess and they settle up the rest of the bill with the vets. The cover we’ve got rolls over each year. Millie today is a happy dog, she loves running around and playing!”

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