Our Story

Vetsure Pet Insurance was conceived by Ashley Gray, whilst working as a vet in a practice based out of North London in 2009. Since qualification from Cambridge Vet School in 1997, Ashley has always been very interested in the dynamic between pet and pet owner – it is the power of this relationship and the value that pets play in all our day-to-day lives that Ashley has always found utterly enchanting and heart-warming. It’s still what drives him and the rest of the Vetsure team today.

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The importance of pet insurance

As a vet, Ashley increasingly experienced conflict between the desire to provide the best quality of healthcare to pets with the rising costs of veterinary medicine – a conflict that he simply wished, and still wishes, would go away. In the absence of a Pet National Health Service, pet insurance would seem to offer the best solution for pet owners.

Cover for Life

What was clear from the start of Vetsure’s journey was that pets should be covered for the whole of their life, not just until the next renewal. This is why Vetsure only offers lifetime cover. Lifetime cover is even available for more mature dogs and older cats (provided they are less than 10 years old at the start of cover). Vetsure pet insurance was designed so that the treatment benefits on all policies recharges every year for each condition – meaning that ongoing conditions like diabetes and arthritis will continue to be covered.

Designed by vets, lifetime Vetsure policies have always aimed to avoid the pitfalls inherent in many other policy types. Most importantly, the policies would be made as simple and transparent as possible to help pet owners to understand and make informed choices with regards to their required level of cover.

Unlimited Cover

What really sets Vetsure apart from other pet insurers is that with us, cover is essentially unlimited. Vetsure Pet Insurance has been designed so that you can claim against an unlimited number of unrelated conditions per year. You just choose the level of cover you want per condition.

For example, if your pet is unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with three unrelated conditions within the same policy year and was covered by a ‘Premier’ policy, they would have up to £2,000 per condition per policy year – so, up to £6,000 Veterinary Fees benefit available per policy year for each of these three conditions.

Linking Protection with Cure

As a responsible pet owner, you know that insuring your cat or dog is a necessity to cover them against accidents, illnesses and emergency care, but ever since Vetsure’s inception, we have been keen to reward pet owners who are proactive in looking after their beloved pets by linking prevention with cure.

In 2018, we were finally able to make this vision a reality with the launch of Vetsure Pet Health Plans, which have been designed specifically in conjunction with your veterinary practices to ensure that your pet gets the best preventative treatment possible. Vetsure act as administrators of the Pet Health Plans on behalf of the vets in our network – collecting monthly direct debits and passing these back to the vets to fund the preventative products and services on offer to their clients.

Simply choose from one of our three most popular policies or tailor further if you have specific requirements.

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