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Helping Scared Animals – Preparing Pets for Frightening Noises

Whether you love them, or secretly despise them, fireworks are exploding their way into our lives again soon, but they don’t only happen once a year, they can happen more often as people celebrate their special events with loved ones. Fireworks can have a huge impact on many animals, from woodland and wild creatures to […]

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Weight Loss in Dogs & Cats – How to Help

As loving pet owners, we all want our pets to be happy and healthy. The health of our pets is one of our top priorities, but being mindful with portion sizes and the frequency of feeding can prove difficult – especially if your pets are constantly asking for their mealtime! This article explores weight loss […]

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Meet Our Incredible Claims Team!

At Vetsure, we value all our customers and Vetsure pets, and think of ourselves as one big family. We cherish our values and know that to be a happy and successful company, we need a happy and treasured team. All of our teams, from customer service and admin, to finance and sales are incredible, and […]

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Keeping Your Pet Safe This Winter

As the winter months close in, it can be an extremely harsh contrast from the warmth of the summer months that your pet companion may be used to.  During these cooler and darker months, it’s important to know how to keep your pets warm and cosy in the safety and comfort of your home.  Below, […]

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