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Cat wins award for bravery, after lifechanging Pet Insurance claim

Pet Insurance is undoubtedly one of the most important things a pet owner can provide for their pet. Many accidents can occur in a pet’s lifetime, some may be small and easier to recover from, whereas others can be more challenging. It is therefore so essential that pet owners do their research to determine the best policy for their pet.

Vetsure Pet Insurance, are committed to working with our customers’ vets to provide exceptional healthcare for every dog and cat that is entrusted to us. Pet insurance should be there throughout your pet’s entire lifetime, which is why all Vetsure policies last for the whole life of the pet, not just until the next renewal. By working closely with the customers’ vet, the claims process is simpler, and bills are settled directly, meaning that every pet owner can spend more time focusing on their pet’s recovery. With all Vetsure policies, the pet owner is also able to claim for an unlimited number of conditions*. 

Major Tom’s owner insured with Vetsure for an Accident Only policy, and this policy proved to be incredibly valuable over the last few months. 

Major Tom Green, a four-year-old black and white cat, found himself in a precarious position on a school fence back in August 2022. 

Described as an avid explorer, and being ranked as a Major by his human, Tom often likes to go on long, wild, adventures in his neighbourhood. One Summer day however, as he tried to jump a fence, he got himself caught.

Tiptree vets received an emergency call from a local school, who had found Major Tom exhausted and hanging from the school fence by his leg. He had unfortunately been there for a long time, and his leg was broken, and his toes dislocated. Due to the severity of his injuries, Tiptree vets had no option but to sedate Major Tom at the scene, to enable them to safely, and with minimal pain, remove him from the fence.

The vets took him straight back to the practice for emergency surgery. It wasn’t looking good for Tom’s leg, and sadly due to the prolonged period of time on the fence, and the injuries sustained, he lost his leg.

Prior to this, Tom’s owners had reported him as missing, and thankfully due to his microchip was safely returned to his relieved owners. Tom is now recovering back in his loving household.

Major Tom demonstrated incredible bravery and courage throughout this horrendous ordeal.

Thankfully, the Vetsure Pet Insurance Accident Only policy that Major Tom’s pet owner had in place meant that Tom had £2,000 per condition, per year. This was the customers first claim with Vetsure, however it provided reassurance that as accidents certainly do happen, they are able to claim for any future accidents that may occur. The policy covered the majority of the surgery costs, and the policy holder was only required to pay the excess once.

The quality of a pet insurance policy can only really be known once a claim has been made, but certainly in Major Tom’s unique case, it is comforting to know that his Vetsure Pet Insurance policy assisted him throughout his journey, and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Major Tom has been awarded by Vetsure Pet Insurance for his incredible bravery with our Pet Bravery Award, and Vetsure are so proud of him. For his bravery, Tom will receive a certificate, and a hamper of goodies, well-deserved Tom.

If you would like to find out more about Major Tom’s adventures, a book has been written by his owner.

For information on the types of insurance policies Vetsure Pet Insurance offer, you can view their policies here. To help you link prevention with cure, check out the Vetsure Accredited Network, and discover which practices offer a Pet Health Plan alongside Pet Insurance.

*Please read Vetsure’s Terms and Conditions for more details.