Vetsure Covid-19 Update
The Vetsure team are fully set up to work from home. It's business as usual for us so please feel free to call us to talk about your policy or email [email protected] To help us minimise delay, we're asking you to avoid posting claim forms to us where possible. Claims can be emailed to us at [email protected] or, if your practice is part of our network, please ask your Vet to submit your claim digitally via their Vetsure e-claims option. Thank you. We wish you and your pets the very best of health.

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Vetsure are in direct partnership with a growing network of Vetsure-accredited clinics and Vetsure Partnered Consultants. You can use any vet across the country but we encourage use of accredited practices wherever possible by offering a lower claims excess when making claims for veterinary treatments at these clinics.

Why use Vets from our network?

By encouraging (but not forcing) the use of accredited practices Vetsure
aims to offer reliable, high quality pet insurance at a competitive price.

Vetsure-accredited practices have been accepted on the basis that they offer the best possible veterinary care at reasonable prices. Vets that are part of our network are also happy for us to settle the bill directly with them when policyholders make a claim on their Vetsure policy*.

After treatment, you simply pay the vet the policy excess and leave the rest to us.  At times of accident and illness you and your pet will have been through enough – with Vetsure you can concentrate on helping your friend back to full health.

*Note that if you use a clinic that is not currently part of the network we are unable to determine whether the vet will be willing to settle the bill directly with us. Practices may have their accreditation status changed from time-to-time so you should check our up-to-date network list when making a claim if in any doubt.

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