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  • Our Story

    Our Story


Vetsure Pet Insurance was conceived by Ashley Gray whilst working as a vet in a practice based out of North London in 2009. Since qualification, from Cambridge Vet School in 1997 Ashley has always been very interested in the dynamic between pet and pet owner – it is the power of this relationship and the value that pets play in all our day-to-day lives that Ashley has always found utterly enchanting and heart-warming. It’s still what drives him and the rest of the Vetsure team today.

The importance of pet insurance

As a vet, Ashley increasingly experienced conflict between the desire to provide the best quality of healthcare to pets with the rising costs of veterinary medicine – a conflict that he simply wished, and still wishes, would go away. In the absence of a Pet National Health Service, pet insurance would seem to offer the best solution for pet owners.


It’s broken – can we fix it?

In the experience of many vets in practice, pet owners are increasingly finding many aspects of pet insurance frustrating: a bewildering array of different products of increasing complexity is making choice very difficult. Dissatisfaction at the time of claim submission often adds to the frustration – all at a time that is already very stressful and worrying for pet owners.

A new idea

It was time to do things differently. Ashley believed that the failure of many pet insurance providers was being caused by a focus on short-term price competition and a failure to deliver on what really matters: the relationship between the pet and pet owner. There was also an apparent failure by many insurers to understand the advances in veterinary medicine and the inherent cost of such developments. His vision involved the development of a trusted network of accredited vets across the country and to work closely with these vets to deliver a pet insurance service that was simple, convenient and offered reassurance to the pet owner – all whilst adhering strongly to the principles of Treating Customers Fairly – a cornerstone of the regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority.


We’re Vetsure, are you?

Designed by vets, the Vetsure policies would aim to try to avoid the pitfalls inherent in many other policy types. Most importantly, the policies would be made as simple and transparent as possible to help pet owners to understand and make informed choices with regards to their required level of cover whether they were looking for dog insurance or cover for a new kitten.

Pet owners would be free to use whatever vet in the country they chose but would be encouraged to use the Vetsure network wherever possible through lower excess payments. The Vetsure vision would aim to keep premiums competitive now and into the future whilst planning for further advances in veterinary medicine.

Still so much to do…

There’s still a long way to go before our vision is fully achieved, pet insurance can still seem very confusing and we have a long way to go to keep constantly improving the experience of our customers. Our standards are high but we take great pleasure in the knowledge that the Vetsure approach is already helping thousands of pets receive exceptional levels of veterinary care – that’s something that makes Ashley and the whole Vetsure team very proud.

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