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Amity Veterinary Care

It began with an idea that a veterinary practice could be different.

More client friendly so pet owners want to bring their pets to visit, even when they aren’t sick.

A place where pet care is consistently excellent and lives up to pet owners’ expectations.

A place where established veterinary views, ideas and protocols are constantly challenged and questioned to make sure that things happen for a reason. To make sure that things make sense rather than just following convention.

Amity Veterinary Care is this vision in action.  The practice is free from promotional posters and clinical appearance. Instead, you’ll find its look and feel is sympathetic to nature and the earth.

The usual queue at the reception for booking in, collecting medications and paying after seeing the vet is gone. The stress this can place on you and your pet, particular when your pet is sick, is just not necessary.

Your dedicated assistant remains with you and your pet in the consulting room, where you discuss and receive any medication required, make payment and also book any follow up appointments.

At Amity, huge emphasis is placed on staff training and teaching. They consider it a privilege, not an entitlement, to have employees. Which is why at least two hours on a Monday every month is dedicated to staff teaching. This ensures knowledge is imparted, experienced and shared on a regular basis.

Energy and time is dedicated to the Continual Professional Development (CPD) of staff on a consistent basis. Each member of staff understands and recognises their value and worth both in the workplace and in the world.

The very existence of Amity Veterinary Care is driven by the desire to uphold the above beliefs.

This practice is Vetsure Accredited. Find out more about The Vetsure Network.