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Buchanan Vets – Timperley

Buchanan vets was founded in 2002 by Paul Buchanan. In June 2015 Simon Snader bought into the practice and is now a co-owner in Buchanan vets.

They have two veterinary centres in South Manchester. The practices are fully computerised with the details of each pet and owner logged into the database. This means that no matter which surgery you normally attend your pet’s records are also available at their other sites.

It is their aim to provide the highest standard of veterinary care for your pets.

Their veterinary surgeons and nursing staff undertake regular CPD (Continuing Professional Development) to ensure their knowledge and techniques are up to date.

Both their surgeries are accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons which promotes the highest standard of veterinary care. Their Timperley Branch is also a training practice for student veterinary nurses.

Their practice ethos is ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you.’

It is important for them to continuously monitor and where possible improve their practice. Any feedback that you would care to give would be welcomed.

This practice is Vetsure Accredited. Find out more about The Vetsure Network.