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Buckley House Vets

When you register with Buckley House Veterinary Centre you not only assure state of the art facilities to care for your pet but they will also try to make you feel part of their extended family. Their tight knit team of vets, nurses and administration staff are available around the clock to provide care and support. They hold great pride in maintaining the highest standards whilst tailoring services to meet varied budgets.

The practice is  around two ancient buildings (17th century) which had already been altered significantly before the practice was established. They have been reworked and extended significantly with the hospital wing being added as a modern high tech building.

This mixture gives a warm and welcoming feel to the public areas whilst allowing state of the art care facilities in the hospital wing. The smaller building to the right houses the cat waiting and consulting areas plus the pharmacy.

This practice is Vetsure Accredited. Find out more about The Vetsure Network.